Bury alive in a concrete jungle

Bury alive deep into the pitch black hidden compartment of justice, Encased into the cavity of a 6 by 8 feet confined forestless jungle in plain view of lady liberty, where the fresh stench wrenching drenching smell of rotten mouldering forgotten dying soul hover in the air without a care, time is of no importance, it passes by without any notification, as this land of the free suffocate you all the time depriving You the sunshine of freedom, humanity forsaken you and left you with malice searching for solace in the care of insanity who occupied the station of power and in the seat of authority and rule from the sadistic play book
Before sleep over take you at night you become vividly aware of the fragility of life as you wonder if life worth living or dying better than sleeping
In this concrete jungle,you can’t stumble or crumble, and you learnt fast to either be humble or get ready to rumble and try never to tumble when inmate mr gamble come to claim his real estate in the man-made jungle…..


(Copr) all write reserved

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