Queen mother, my grandmother, instiller of pride and in stride confident thrives knowing you are always by my side as a kid and in my heart you reside as an adult.

Each step in my life is made easy because of your wisdom,
Now, I frequently reflect on who I am, the way I am and your contribution to the man I become.

With a gratefulness of the combination of your warmth and kind and pure unselfish heart.

How can I show my appreciation, firstly with acknowledgement repetitively and for clarification, I only hope to represent you as one who is morally raised, so that you are rightly and formally praised.

I love you dearly and never have I needed you more than to hear me quite clearly and more than just
merely, I can’t say nearly enough how close you are to me heart, and what you mean to me.

Though my expression lessened with time, what I say is to place a smile on your face. Heart felt and sincerely stated
What i really want to convey is that words can barely express, how richly blessed I am for your loving deeds and I will always be in needs of your special love and I cherish you with my undying love. For you my granny Olga May Jacobs LOVE YOU⚘❤

This piece is inspired by the love and devotion my grand mother show her children and grandchildren. I remember this about my grand mother, she never complained. I wrote this like a week before my grand mother died in 2010. And I never got a chance to share it with her…


(Copr)all write reserved

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