With a resolute soul I face the struggle that came my way each and every day..

In the grip of Circumstances my unconquered soul, under the cloud of the wrath of chances, unbroken unbowed and unafraid.

I face the menacing days weeks months and years, ahead of me in my struggles, as a necessity gain as I discern what I learn of knowledge diligent.

The path before me though dark, outwardly in my sight inwardly it was bright with beautiful light

I trust my self when those who know me doubted me, I wait and never get tired of waiting.

In a optimistic spirit but i never allowing optimism to controls my reality. I meet my struggles with contentment

I treated the doubter and the naysayers as the same, like an impostor, My foe had no choice but to respect me, while those who claim to love me, admire me because in the end I’m consciously awoke.


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Approaching her celestial body, what a sight her eyes is bright like the constellation.

This noble radiance is the art of perfection, her essence is truth, her ray’s soothed heart’s that loath.

Her undiscovered planet need to be explored, a promise land of love, I hope will extend her hands.

The physical attraction is undeniable, our chemistry is proven to be reliable, in the orbit of her galaxy captivated by her milky way,and this is where I want to stay and enjoy its ray.

Never in my wildest dream I would have thought, this supreme melanin solar system would shine on me and bring solace to my destiny.


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Beautiful black rose, you’re the unspoiled roots of the earth.

Beautiful black rose, you’re skin mirrored and reflect the deep rooted richness of Africa soul.

Beautiful black rose, You’ve flourished in the wilderness of North America,in an unnatural inhabitant, how rare and pure you are.

Beautiful black rose, you’re the first teachers of humanity, moral contributor, provider of love, nurturer, comforter and unwavering supporter.

Beautiful black rose, you’re the chosen vehicles of mankind existence.

Beautiful black rose, you impacted minds, inspired generations, and created kings and leaders who built nation and civilization.

Beautiful black rose, you’re exceptionally graceful in your sorrows and merciful in your daily sacrifice, strong beyond the definition of strength.

Beautiful black rose, you’re the North star that guide our race,out of the dark depth of oppression, suppression and repression.

Beautiful black rose, you’re the backbone of the black race, who carried and uplift the black man when he couldn’t stand on his own.

Beautiful black rose, stand exalted and gloriously in nobility and dignity, among other race of your gender,knowing that you surpassed them in worth and beautify exotic aura.

Beautiful black rose, they may try to imitate you, but none can duplicate you or negate your truth.

Beautiful black rose, you’re the queen of my domain, my infinite serenity, the answer to my dreams, the conformation code to my melanin.

Beautiful black rose, I’m in awe of you, you’re the epitome of God magnificent creation, the embodiment of determination, that shine through hard knock life, like an uncut diamond.

Beautiful black rose, you’re the beat of my heart, the air I breathe, the irreplaceable blood in my vain, you’re like my grandmothers, my mother, my aunties, my sisters, my nieces, my cousins and my future wife to be in this life and the next,
You’re the essence of my life. I’m indebted to you so I salute you with gratitude.

Commentary: This piece is written for the black supreme QUEEN who for some reason has not been given their due respect and honor by black men. So I want to show them that I do respect them and honor them and I hold them to an high altitude of pure love respect and adoration…..


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My sista

Dedicated to my sista Bridgett

My sista
My friend
My enemy
My agitator
My admirer
My irritator
My comforter

She is a dove that is send from up above with alot of love and hate for me

Her no tears crying that try me with a dry eyes full of lies.

We fought, we laugh, we cried, we sigh and we even say good bye while remaining in each others insight

Her love is a treat and her hate is a defeat.

We’re sista and brother not by choice but by nature.

what is better than chance chosen for us than this unbreakable bond that made us siblings,

Our love makes us friends, our hate makes us siblings and even after all these years of your silence I still miss for you❤



Queen mother, my grandmother, instiller of pride and in stride confident thrives knowing you are always by my side as a kid and in my heart you reside as an adult.

Each step in my life is made easy because of your wisdom,
Now, I frequently reflect on who I am, the way I am and your contribution to the man I become.

With a gratefulness of the combination of your warmth and kind and pure unselfish heart.

How can I show my appreciation, firstly with acknowledgement repetitively and for clarification, I only hope to represent you as one who is morally raised, so that you are rightly and formally praised.

I love you dearly and never have I needed you more than to hear me quite clearly and more than just
merely, I can’t say nearly enough how close you are to me heart, and what you mean to me.

Though my expression lessened with time, what I say is to place a smile on your face. Heart felt and sincerely stated
What i really want to convey is that words can barely express, how richly blessed I am for your loving deeds and I will always be in needs of your special love and I cherish you with my undying love. For you my granny Olga May Jacobs LOVE YOU⚘❤

This piece is inspired by the love and devotion my grand mother show her children and grandchildren. I remember this about my grand mother, she never complained. I wrote this like a week before my grand mother died in 2010. And I never got a chance to share it with her…


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Abstract love

My father was not a man of demonstrativeness, his affection didn’t
announced dramatic declaration of embrace, to interpret his affections is like
a delicate calligraphic, which required some patience and a keen eyes. This attributes I was not born with, though I acquired it eventually, I readily accept his abstract love and plucked out shared memories, strung them together like a treasured gemstones, as I strive continuously to attain his humility, while making his smile a staple of my subconscious…


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NO hurt intended mamma

Divine mother, my mama, carrier of me
Nurturer of me, My Supreme Queen, My Heart.
Please understand my actions from a path led astray.
Haven’t being to this day in all that you say?
Though everybody struggles in finding their way.
I, often open up my eyes, and try to juggle which price to pay.
My decisions, while influenced by a negative taint
Stripped me of control in my use of restraint.
My pain is most felt in knowing I hurt you.
The causing of disappointment, worry and stress too.
My way or the high way has given me strife
And brought about sorrows that only takes from your life.
All that I have experienced affects you as well,
But I never meant for you to know any part of this hell
I can only vision the repercussion effect and imagine
what you felt.
Being too helpless to protect, I apologize deeply for the
Drama that was imposed.
How I tested your spoken words,
I now ask for your forgiviness.
For my primary concern is that you realize
I take this as a lesson to learn.


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